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Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (Australia)
Ethics Centre of South Australia (Australia)
Ethics Resource Center (US)
European Society for Moral Philosophy
Santa Clara - The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics University (US)
National Taiwan University - Center for Ethics? Law and Society in Biomedicine and Technology (Taiwan)
Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture (US)
The Hastings Center (US)
The Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics (UK)
University of British Columbia - W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics (Canada)
University of Pennsylvania - Center for Bioethics (US)
University of San Diego - Ethics Matters (US)
University of Toronto - The Centre for Ethics (Canada)
Uppsala University - Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (Sweden)
Vanderbilt University - Center for Ethics (US)
Yale University Interdisciplinary - Center for Bioethics (US)
中國社會科學院 - 應用倫理研究中心(中國)
玄奘大學 - 應用倫理研究中心(台灣)
國立中央大學 - 應用倫理研究中心(台灣)
輔仁大學 - 生命倫理中心(台灣)

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